Sunday, November 12, 2006

Finally got started on the Mandala hanging I was chopping up, There was a silver metallic thread border in bead stitch, as this along with the cut edge was wider than my machines zig zag stitch I had to go over it a few times to cover the raw edge, used a cheap thread to build up and finished off with my Madeira FS thread, love that stuff.
The heavy stitching has made the edge ripple a bit, I looked through my fabrics and every thing I thought would look nice was too small, finally found some plummy coloured dyed cotton, matches great, but not a fabric I would use if this was being made from scratch, I wanted to use the fabric in one piece, and when the sides were folded up, the bottom wrinkled, and so I created a false bottom and padded the card before covering. (Wish it was that easy to smooth all wrinkly bottoms:)
I think it needs a few dingle dangles on each corner, I will make some fabric and paper beads very soon.
click on images for a close up


Anonymous said...

OOOoooooo I love this. It is beautiful. Very nice work!

sue b said...

It looks great Carol! I do think that some dingy danglys would be a nice touch!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Carol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

I was wonderinf what you were going to do with it. I love it!


feltedfibers said...

The mandala vessel looks fantastic, I am the lucky one having seen it in real life, you have done a wonderful job of recreating your hanging - great love the idea of a few dingle dangles on each corner.