Saturday, February 24, 2007

Painting Pelmet Vilene

Been having a little play today, as I cant seem to get going on any project, I decided I would paint up some pelmet vilene, this is the first stage, I have glued some scrim onto the vilene, and started with a base layer of Copper Acrylic.

The first layer of paint, copper, purple, dark rose, the colour has come out a bit darker on the close up above

leaving it to dry and will build up more colour tomorrow.


Purple Missus said...

OOOO - you always give me itchy fingers Carol. Looking good.
Now for some questions:
Which acrylics do you use?
Do you water them down?
I know you hve glued the scrim on (I assume PVA) but do you normally coat the vilene first before painting?
I can never seem to get a decent surface on painted vilene. Seems to sink right in and go dull and the vilene goes 'hairy' for want of a better description.

Elizabet said...

ooh very nice.I've got some woven interfacing I am experimenting on.

Thanks for the comment on my poppet! I was worried about how people would react to it.

AnneJeu said...

Your work is great!
I love to read your blog and see what you've done!

StegArt said...

ooooh fun! and very lovely colors you are using. Can't wait to see more.

Grumpy said...

Thatlooks groovy Carol. Do you know at this stage what it's going to be or does it tell you as you go along?

SuZ said...

really nice texture your creating...I love this sort of technique...great blog!

Micki said...

Hey, playing is better than doing nothing at all, which is what I have been doing. This looks like fun.

MargaretR said...

This is the one I meant Carol.

Liz said...

Lovely, Carol... I hadn't thought of gluing scrim on.. what a good texture.

Anonymous said...

I keep finding references to SCRIM on many fiber artist sites, but I cannot find anyone in the USA who will sell it to me. Can someone help? Where can I buy it?
thanks so much!!!