Sunday, September 02, 2012

Time flies

When your having fun, I have had a busy month, my other half was a volunteer at the Olympics in Manchester and was away for two and a half weeks, I took advantage of the situation and spread out my supplies all through the flat :) Wet painted things all over the floor of the workroom, boxes of fabric, sewing machine and embellisher on the dining table. I had my dye supplies out in the kitchen, I mixed up three different combinations of colours and none of them turned out as I had hoped. This picture shows all the left over dyes poured onto some scrim and the result was great lol

I also pulled out some wire wool and white vinegar and rusted some fabrics,
the first photo shows from left to right:
Scrim, silk organza tea dyed before rusting, silk chiffon tea dyed before rusting, scrim dipped in turquoise dye after rusting

This photo from left to right :
Crash dipped into turquoise dye after rusting, Crash, Lutradur, Silk Organza


I managed to finish a vessel for a friend who wanted her artist friends to create alternative table centre pieces for her daughters wedding. We had a get together with coffee and cake to view all the final pieces but I forgot my camera, so as soon as one of the others sends me some copies I will share the results, it was a lot of fun and lovely to see the work all together.

 I also finished a wall piece for the All Wales exhibition in Cardiff at The Pier Head Gallery, a group of us are going down for the day to see it, I hope to get some photo's while we are there.


Heather said...

You certainly didn't waste the time when you had the flat to yourself. I love all the fabrics you dyed and you are set up for a very creative autumn.

Carol said...

Hi Heather, I made the most of my time alone, eating when I felt like it and hardly any cooking,I told him its a good job he wasn't away any longer I was getting used to it :)

Shahlon said...

Nice color combination!

lutradur meter length said...
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geetachoudhary said...

beautifull color combination and nice