Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stitch doodle

When I go to the members day at our guild where we can sit and chat and do our own thing, as most of what I do involves jumping from the sewing machine to the paint table, its difficult to know what to take, so I take some mindless stitching with me, and inspired by this little book where I stitched and covered with Golden's molding paste then paint. you can see the original post here I decided to take a piece of calico and wadding and just doodle stitch, I have been making this piece for what seems like years and I finally finished it yesterday at a meeting with some textile friends, it is now covered in molding paste ready for some layers of paint.

I have decided to make a bag as the original feels like leather and has stood up to a lot of handling, don't think I have the patience to stitch the back so may try something different.

I don't like this new blogger, where is the spell check ?


Heather said...

What a great idea. Your examples here are lovely and so interesting.
I love hand stitching especially in front of the TV when I can shut off if the programme my husband is enjoying isn't to my taste. I bought some molding paste recently at an ArtVanGo stall and can't find it anywhere else so all I have to do now is to get stitching.

Carol said...

Thanks Heather, I lovel just stitching where I don't have to concentrate and just make it up as I go along :)

Sesenarts said...

I love the texture the stitching and molding paste has created! So much potential and I also admire your patience, a virtue I lack! Julie

sharon young said...

Love your new doodle, looking forward to seeing where you take it, and your little Titian book is super.
I hated the new blogger interface so returned to the new classic version.