Sunday, September 02, 2012

Time Flies 2

I was lucky enough to have the loan of this wonderful wrought iron, after taking lots of pictures of it I fancy making a few stencils based on the design.



 ooh look scrumptious.


 I used a long strip of fabric to cover the iron top and bottom, first I put Lutradur



next a layer of silk organza



Then a layer of polyester, I love how they came out, the silk organza shows very clearly in real life.

The piece below is on Lutradur, I rubbed the surface with a selection of 6 Tim Holtz distress inks then spritzed with water for the colours to blend, the are not showing up very well but have a lovely soft glow to the surface of the Lutradur


This sample below is a piece of nuno felt I made a while ago, I tried foiling the finished fabric and put it to one side, while the wire wool was out I added it to the pile to see what would happen to the foil, the merino wool was fine, the strip of mulberry silk down the centre turned greyish and the foil remained unscathed?

Not sure where I will go with these but looking forward to playing around.

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Heather said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous. I love these experimental pieces and how well they have all turned out.