Thursday, March 12, 2009

February Calendar Girls Postcard

Yes, I know its March but I have been hopelessly behind with all my swaps in February.
Sandy chose this months card and I have to admit I couldn't get inspired at all. I decided I would make a transfer onto Lutradur,

I placed the original picture postcard size into Photoshop, equalised the colour and it made it a lot brighter, I made a copy and played around in pattern maker and tiled the design.
I printed it out onto acetate, but the lighter colour didn't look so good and when I tried to transfer it onto the Lutradur, it looked very wishy washy.
In desperation I decided to revert to printing it onto acetate, and as the colours were so pale the yellow hardly showed up, I dabbed the back with some gold powder and then painted the whole surface with turquoise metallic paint,
I used both designs and made two postcards then stitched them together leaving one end open,

I was going to put a small card inside the pocket, but made a tag instead painted with a watered down acrylic covered in cling film to create the pattern. I then added a tassel

If I had thought about making the tag earlier I could have left the opening the other end and the Unicorn would have had a tail :)


sharon young said...

Fabulous, Carol, I love what you did in pattern maker, and having a double sided card is just too cool!!!!
Brilliant :-)

Alis said...

Love it Carol. The pattern is great and I love the unicorn.

Connie Rose said...

Just wonderful stuff, Carol!


Thanks for explaining how you made these - they are all wonderful!
Have a great weekend, Carolyn :o)

Doreen G said...

Fantastic Carol I love the double sided effect.

Carol said...

Thanks Carolyn, can't find an e-mail for you so will answer here

Heather said...

Lovely colours and I love unicorns. Looking forward to your book.