Wednesday, September 03, 2008

insult and award

Last night two e-mails popped into my folder both with no-reply return address, the first was this one, LOL, I have been blogging for two and a half years and this is my first negative comment, is this a new trend ?

Anonymous said...
Emmy 20:15

shame its anonymous you would think if someone is going to insult you they would give you the right to reply. My stat counter does actually show who it was looking at my blog at that time
Simple solution Emmy, if you don't like my work, don't read the blog

As a complete contrast my next e-mail was from Margaret Maggik Moments giving me an award
how lovely is that :)

now I have to choose some of my favourite blogs to pass this on, hmm, think this needs some time, with around a 100 in my Google reader list, I look forward to reading so many blogs for many different reasons.


Gill said...

Quite agree, Carol. If there's nothing good to say, then better say nothing.

Oooer, but does that mean that when I don't leave a comment.....?
Not at all. But I've noticed a few shady comments appearing and have deleted three from my blog in the last week. Not rude, simply commercial messages of the "tinned meat beginning with S variety".

I think your work is really great! Thanks for sharing.

Sue B said...

Well how rude that is! And really, who cares what she thinks!

Alis said...

Oh how rude!!
I too was taught if you don't have anything positive to say don't say anything.

The award makes up for her silly comment :0)
I love your work.

Doreen G said...

Well like everyone else I say "how rude" and I wonder what else she does for kicks--pick wings of butterflies I suppose.

Helen Suzanne said...

Carol I'm absolutely astounded! such a bizarre thing for anyone to leave on your blog... so unconnected to anything I see you do.

you don't half get em doesn't you!!


ANNA said...

Carol it is rude but I think you may find that it is just a spammer doing thier thing - be careful that it has not infected your PC. We in the textile blogging community love the work you do!!

Jacquelines blog said...

I got a feeling who anonymous it...some mad woman that has no clue what our works means.
Must be, because she has it all wrong, you're work is great!!!!
I''ll hope she come back and read this, I agree with Sue B...who cares what she thinks anyway.....!!!!

sharon young said...

I agree with all that's been said, what a stupid comment, we all know your work is beautiful.
Congrats on your well deserved award.

Celia said...

Rude, immature and illiterate - not worth taking seriously!


Deryn Mentock said...

These negative commenters are ALWAYS anonymous. They never have the courage to leave their name or enable you to answer. It's a hit and run situation...the only way they know how to express themselves, I guess. Best to ignore!

Kim said...

There isn't much left to say... she was wrong and cowardly as well as rude. Perhaps not everyone likes your work, you just can't please 'em all, but I think your art is wonderful!

Kim said...

I hate reading about people leaving nasty comments. I have read of another blogger recently receiving comments about their work that were upsetting and not true.
I like your work and obviously others do too. :)
You can't please all of the people all of the time and anyway I suspect it might have been spam as well.
Keep up the good work.

Nathalie G. said...

I like your work also.
It's a pitty the lady hadn't the courage to stand up and tell you 'in front of you'