Thursday, August 21, 2008

FOQ and Card from Pat

Well I have just about recovered from Festival of Quilts, I really think this show needs a few days to take it all in, going by coach allows about five hours galloping around, no pictures I am afraid as its not my work. but go and look HERE for the competition winners, I always come away totally overwhelmed,
A few things that caught my eye were Margaret West's, Indigo coat, I think it was Nunu felted and shibori dyed, just stunning, also a hanging by Jackie Smith, lots of little rectangles individually finished and stitched together, they are both in the list of winners in the link above.
Ferrets work was stunning as always, and so many more, I should have got the show guide as the names are not on the quilts.
My favourite exhibitors were Els Van Baarle and Dorothy Caldwell and Bente Vold Klausen
It was great to see the Kemshalls and Maggie Grey, I was very restrained in my purchases and only stocked up on diferent weights of Lutradur, Evelon and also bought some heavy weight pelmet vilene and cello foil

roll on September for Knitting and Stitching :)

This lovely card from Pat arrived in the post to cheer up a grey day, the lace trim is so delicate and the friend image is padded like a little pillow. It shall go n the mantelpiece for a while before it goes in my Calendar Girls album


sharon young said...

I know what you mean about the FOQ, Carol, I think it may have got too big now to be comfortable. I went for the first time in 2005 and there was so much room it felt wonderful after Ally Pally, but now it's become overwhelming.
Thanks for the links I shall have a browse tomorrow.

Homeleightigger said...

Thanks for the link to the FOQ Carol - it was nice to get a glimse of what was there. Will have a browse on the other links later .........

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Carol, thank you for a really great article in Fibre and Stitch. I'm definitely going to give this one a go and I love the aged effect of the vessels.

maggik1 said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Carol. Please let me know what you do with your Lutrador and Evolon? Suspect mine may still be in the cupboard this time next year. I could do with a 'push'!

Jackie said...

Those were my exact memories of Foq.All my favourites are yours too..even ferrett whovever she/he is. Loved the cows.

Anonymous said...



maggik1 said...

Thanks for your support, Carol. I've passed on an award to you - bet you've had it many times before? Hope you don't think it's a pain - it's taken me ages to 'sort it'.

maggik1 said...

Yeah - I did see it - COWARD! Put your name on, dear, and don't hide behind 'anonymous'?

Oh, and BTW, Carol, thanks for posting the FoQ prizewinners -that made it interesting, even for a non-quilter!

System said...

Don't worry about it Carol, if they are dumb enough to tick anonymous and then sign it Emmy without learning to use the Caps Lock, I don't think they are worth worrying about.
Even retards are allowed to use the internet :)