Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am off to Festival of Quilts in Birmingham on Thursday so thought it was time to replace the inside of my sketchbook again, this will be its fourth refill and goes everywhere with me,
I have made a lot of books since, but this is the one that gets thrown in my bag as its lightweight and takes all the rough and tumble it gets along side the rest of the paraphernalia I carry with me.

It started life when I was doing Maggie Greys machine embroidery online course, unfortunately life got in the way and I couldn't continue.
It was one of those surfaces that keeps going wrong and just gets more thrown at it.

The silk below was the base fabric, yuck, so it was covered with painted bondaweb and chiffon, stamped with gold paint, heavily stitched with metallic thread, yuck again, so lots of Markal rubbed over the surface, more chiffon, more stitch and zapped with the heat gun, then around the stitched design with a soldering iron.
the inner is just pelmet vilene which keeps it lightweight and durable.
the ties are just torn chiffon over stitched and tomato puree tube cut to make the wraps at the end. I stitched them on near the top at the back and they slide on easily to keep the book closed.
It is in a pretty sorry state and must be filthy, do I need to make a new one ?


Michele at Sweet Leaf said...


What is the meaning of the symbol / character?

Threadspider said...

No you don't need a new one-that has such a story to tell. I'm missing the quilt show this year-I so hope you enjoy it and can take plenty of pictures.

ANNA said...

Carol this is yummy - you don't need another book. Is is a cover over a notebook or do you change the pages?

sharon young said...

Hi Carol
What a great sketch book, I'm going to the FOQ on Friday, but I don't have anything as nice as this, just one of those boring black 'n red jobs.
Have a great day.

Guzzisue said...

If it feels comfortable and familiar when you hold it, keep using it. I have a holiday journal cover that has travelled round europe over the last few years with a new sketchbook inside, decided to stitch a new one last year but just didn't feel right, so now have a new one for the completed journal(when we get back) and use that old one on our travels

Elliemac said...

Your cover looks great, it sounds as though it's a trusted friend. I once started Maggie's distance course but as you say - life gets in the way. I'm also not very good at working on my own.
Have a great day at the show.

Jackie said...

Oh what a shame, I 'm going on Friday.

Homeleightigger said...

I agree with all the others Carol - what do you want a new Sketch Book for when you have this gorgeous 'antique'. Hope you had a great day and treated yourself to loads of goodies, and met lots of friends - old and new! Val

Margaret S said...

can't make the FOQ this year but last year gave me so much inspiration. You must share some of your sketches in that smashing book. Don't you find the more handling they have the better they become.

nadine said...

oh, what a great looking book !