Monday, August 11, 2008

new blog

A couple of weeks ago, my blog along with many others was locked and I couldn't get in for a couple of days, I hadn't realised it wasn't only me and so I opened another blog straight away just in case I couldn't get back into mine.
I didn't want to waste the new blog and so I started putting a picture up each day, sometimes two from my albums of anything with a textured surface, a mix of nature and my textures,
A Textile Tale

It has been interesting going through my old albums looking at some things that were made recently and some quite old, but I did notice I have lots of


Painted pelmet vilene and scrim, building up the layers with acrylic paint.

This one ended up like


It is my favourite technique and it seems to be the one I keep going back to since C&G days. It is also surprising how much the pelmet vilene has changed, the one I first used back in 1995 was a lovely thick textured fabric, when painted a rusty colour or Verdi-Gris it looked like corroded metal, over the years it seems to have become thinner and smoother, which has its own advantages but I wish I could find some of the old type again. I doubt if I would get it at 50p for a huge roll like the first lot :)


Gill said...

Interesting Carol. I've added a link to your new photo blog to me photo list...good to have another Photo of the day blog to look at each evening! Thanks

TracyB said...

Carol, your surfaces are just absolutely YUMMY!!

Sojourner Design said...


Wonderful photos and I've subscribed to your new blog.

Are there directions anywhere for working with the vilene and scrim?

Tracy said...

Love this texture and just love you blog!
I have both pelmet vilene and scrim, well cheesecloth from the USA which is as close to scrim as I can get here in AU. Got to have a go at this now :)
I've added you to my blog list, hope that's OK!!

Lynne said...

Apparently the lovely thick, soft pelmet Vilene we used to buy in the 1990's came about because the machine which makes it was coming to the end of its life.
When they got a new machine the Vilene became thinner because it was more compressed, these machines cost megabucks and last about 20 years I think so it will be a while before we get the soft stuff again! How I wish they had kept the old machine to make soft as well as hard.