Friday, September 05, 2008

Birthday card

One of the advantages of having sons who are artists is the wonderful array of interesting cards and presents we have received over the years.
This one is the latest card from our eldest son to my other half for his birthday yesterday.

and here it is opened out, its 13 W x 15 L, this card reflects his latest work, you can see more here on the exhibits link, 'Prologue' Nancy Victor Gallery
We will have to go and find just the right frame for it.
( Oh, and I did ask his permission before showing it on my blog :)


Micki said...

Wow, that card is fantastic. He is very talented indeed!

Kim said...

Wow that is gorgeous. Your son is very talented. Kimx

Jackie said...

What an amazing thing to receive. Its so beautiful.

Jackie said...

I'm jujst going through google reader and I found another blogger who had the same spam comment as you.
She's at
just thought it would make you feel better.

Purple Missus said...

Happy birthday to MrB.
Hope you treated him nicely :)
Love the card - fantastic. Very envious.

Jackie said...

I've got a little something on my blog for you. You may have had it before but what the heck?

Maggie R said...

Your son is very talented,,, A beautiful card, I love an Asian theme

sharon young said...

What a wonderful card, I love the use of the packaging in this series, the other pieces are equally stunning and different, thank you so much for sharing your son's remarkable talent with us. I shall bookmark the page and show my GS, he loves this kind of work, although at the moment he's just cutting his teeth at 10 :-)