Sunday, May 04, 2008

First Visit of the Year

Driving home after shopping we decided on a small detour to Bodnant Gardens for an hour or so. Our first visit this year, the Rhododendrons were glorious, to see some pictures of them go take a peek at Dereks Flickr site, sadly the Laburnum Arch was not in flower, we shall go back at the end of May.

I had the chance to use my new camera, and homed in on some wonderful textures, these two were on a stair way, thankfully I was able to sit on the steps, and hauled myself up, earlier I had got right down on the ground to take some pictures of ferns just ready to unfurl, and Derek had to help me up, luckily not many people around at the time :)

Below is paving slab, I tweaked this slightly in photoshop to bring out the contrast of the black and grey, my favourite colours at the moment.

Below tree bark this was amazing with a green bloom over the whole surface the picture doesn't do it justice.

I just love this roof the dusty colours and the pattern the beams make.

The two pictures below of this amazing tree is just how it was taken, I think I would like to keep taking pictures of this tree through the summer to see if it changes.


sharon young said...

Wow! You certainly put the new camera thru its paces. You got some fantastic shots. I especially like the first one, it looks like a drawing, in close up.

Jacquelines blog said...

What a great pictures Carol!!!

Sue B said...

Very cool photos Carol!

Helen Cowans said...

The last tree has the most fantastic colours :)

Carol said...
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Jackie said...

you have just inspired me to make a visit to the Laburnum arch. I went years ago and i'm due for another fix.

Fran├žoise said...

Great pictures!

Purple Missus said...

These photos are great especially the tree ones with the flaky bark. You've certainly got the hang of the new camera.
Look out MrB is all I can say :)