Monday, May 05, 2008

Comment Problems

I am having some trouble with my e-mail at the moment, and for some reason none of the mail is coming through to tell me I have a comment, I know purplemissus was having the same problem recently, any one else?
i would also like to say thank you to those that leave a comment but have no return e-mail :)

I had a really lazy day today so thought I would show you a few more pictures, I think I captured the textures better than the flora, I love the Chive buds but couldn't get low enough to take the shot I wanted, no way am I lying flat out on the floor in public.

Derek's pics are so much better, take a look here some of these are from last year, including the glorious Laburnum arch.


Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Carol, my mail to you and Lynda keeps coming back. It has to do something with your providor I guess. I believe you have the same providor?

sharon young said...

Hi Carol
I did have a hiccup with a comment behaving like an email and bouncing back on your blog the other day. Most peculiar!
My OH is frequently found lying around taking pics in public, I find it best to ignore him and walk away, saves embarrassment, LOL

MargaretR said...

The rhododendron is fantastic! I'm going to miss them again this year i'm afraid.

Purple Missus said...

There, and I was told you are often seen laying flat out on the floor in public - after a couple of hours at the bar *LOL*

Carol said...

Hey Lynda, stop letting out all my secrets