Monday, March 17, 2008

I thought I hadn't been doing anything

The last month or so I thought I hadn't been doing a lot and didn't have any artwork to show, but clearing up my painting area yesterday I came across a few things that I had been dabbling with each time I was in the kitchen.
The first one is another version of my wallpaper canvas shown here this was going to be pure white with gold highlighting the raised areas, gave it a few coats of white and then decided to spray it with Moonglow spritz spray, once dry I rubbed the surface with a copper ink pad but it needed something more so got out the trusty Goldfinger and rubbed this on. I liked the finished result and picked it up to take it through to my workroom but had wet fingers and it lifted the colour right off, oops
I decided to over spray again, and my Moonglow had run out, so gave it a wash of Moonshadow Ink. it needs a spray varnish over the top to seal the colour and its finished. It looks like aged wood close up.

Next was a piece of Tyvek from Lynda
I know I started with Adirondack colourwash sprays and some Moonglow Spritz spray.
I just kept adding and then scanned at this stage as I liked it and the Moonglow shows up with a lovely shimmer,

I decided I wanted to add a bit more, so more Adirondack spray and some gold drawing ink dropped on the surface.

Once I started clearing my sewing room I came across these samples, I have been stitching scraps of organza for an idea I have and been trying out different ways of stitching them together, but trying to photograph it is a nightmare.
There is no gold in this piece I don't know why it is showing up

This is nearer the colours but it is a deeper shimmer

This one below I tried to foil, but the glue went straight through so I need to work out how to get it to stay on the organza


Susan said...

It is truly amazing to see how little bits of "nothing" add up to so many wonderful "somethings". Your recent work is great...very interesting, a nice glimpse into how your mind is ever working and your art is ever evolving!

sharon young said...

Hi Carol
What a stash! I think I'll move my outdoor studio nearer the house, maybe I could get a few more bits done while I boil the kettle LOL.
I love the canvas, it's the most wonderful colour!
Thank you for your lovely comment on my March PC

MargaretR said...

You have been busy Carol. That fist one is fantastic.

arlee said...

They're all lovely for "nothing" :} Sigh----i really *have* done nothing in a week or so....

Purple Missus said...

Some really lovely pieces here and that Tyvek is superb.Any ideas what you will do with it now?
Will 505 spray work with the foil?
I wondered if you laid the organza on a non-absorbent surface and sprayed with the 505 then foiled straight away - would that work?
Not sure that it will but it might be worth a try. :)

Lalhezar said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I am most impressed with what you do when you are not doing anything. I love your stitching patterns they look great

Dianne said...

You have some wonderful samples here Carol. I really like what you did with the wallpaper canvas - beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, I really like how the tyvek turned out and am curious as to how you are going to use it.

Helen Cowans said...

>Adirondack spray and some gold < Beautiful colours and texture :)

Micki said...

Wow, what great samples. I love the tyvek and the wallpaper pieces.

Margaret S said...

Hi Carol, I have just been nominated for an award by Barbara of Embroidery Overlaps as a blog that’ brings her inspiration and makes her appreciate the blogosphere’, and of course I have to do the same to 10 blogs that do it for me! You therefore meet the criteria that I would expect of such a blog. So consider yourself well and truly nominated!!!!!!!!! And only if you have the time please do the same for 10 other such inspiring sites. Although time consuming it has made me look critically at my ‘favourites’ with a different eye. XXX MargaretS