Sunday, September 16, 2007

Foiled some more

If you have read Lynda Purple Missus
blog today you will see she has been having some fun using foils, scrim and paint,
and I thought I would show you what I have been up to as well.
This little canvas is a 6" x 4" postcard size and I have been having a play with tissue paper, acrylic and foil, I used silver, pink, purple and turquoise over the acrylic and added silver,
below I have shown the side of the canvas as it shows the colours up better

This canvas has been foiled all over and then washed with Starburst Stains and inks, and is a work in progress

And why am I experimenting so much with foil at the moment?

Because there is a new website coming very shortly which will be offering Foils and Chunky Canvas and other mixed media products at very low prices.


Alis said...

Love the work and the website sounds very interesting ;0)

ANDREA said...

Hello, great textures, colours, shapes! I just found you and Purple Missus, I love your blogs. I am very glad to visit them.

The experiments with foil are very interesting, thanks for sharing them. I still have to explore your blog a bit more to see the treasures...


MargaretR said...

Good for you Carol. I'm sure the new website will do really well.

Barbara said...

wow!I think its funny to create with foil!

Waltraud said...

Very interessting experiments!