Sunday, September 23, 2007

Creating a fabric

You know all those kitchen roll squares that you have hanging around either from being used underneath fabric or lutradur, to catch the drips, or mopping up dyes, well I decided to use some up, first, I split the dried kitchen roll to one layer, although I have also found some very cheap roll of only one layer, the two here are coloured with walnut ink and black Parker ink, but it looks blue? to give it some body I ironed both of these sheets to medium weight iron on interfacing,

On the other side I ironed on some bondaweb (wunder-under) I then ironed gold foil on the walnut ink sheet and silver foil onto the blue. picture below

The next layer I was going to put chiffon on both of them (there is enough bondaweb to catch the chiffon on top of the foil) but when I tried a layer of purple crystal organza over the silver it looked lovely, I wish you could see how the colour changes as you move the fabric, one way silver one way purple.
To cover the gold foil I used a turquoise nylon scarf, and the colour looks like old metal covered with a patina of green, once again this changes as it moves

the two below are some more samples of the same technique

To see what can be made from this 'fabric' take a look here in Gallery One,
These little holders for special photographs, were inspired by Terri's Business Card Case in the free projects on Fibre and Stitch

Now go and check out Fibre in-Form
a new venture for Lynda (Purple Missus)and I, this is just the start of something we hope will grow into an exciting journey for all of us


StegArt said...

Very lovely...I really like how the one looks somewhat purple after adding the sheer layer.

verobirdie said...

Very inspiring. I kept some decolor tissue, I don't know how you call them, you put them in the washing machine to prevent the colors to run. At the end, you'got a little piece of dyed tissue. Anyway, I think they would be perfect to try this method.
Thanks for sharing

Angelcat said...

I love the new website Carol!

ANDREA said...

Carla, yes that is very inspiring, I'm not yet familiar with things like foil and bondaweb, thanks for sharing yor experiences,
I'll have a look at your new website too!

Dianne said...

Loving all those colours!!! Good luck with your new venture!!!

SeamRippstress said...

i KNeW there must be something i can make with my dyed towels! Must get the foils and recycle. LOVED your lutradur and lace in F&S!

marion said...

Guess which one of us knocked an entire roll of kitchen roll into a litre of turquoise dye?? Ahem.