Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Starburst stains

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I have been playing around with some inks called Starburst Stains, this is just a small sample of some papers I did, there is also a bit of moonshadow ink in one of them,I have also put them on canvas and Lutradur for a lovely effect,I wish I could capture the wonderful colours here, but I just couldn't get the camera to pick up the subtle copper, green black and silver tones
they are made by the same company who make the Moonshadow inks, but instead of having the Walnut Ink base, these are two tone in the most glorious colours, here I have used Black Orchid/Silver and Saxifrage Olive/Copper, these colours are from the Japanese Gardens range and they come in sets of 5 inks, and there are many more colours available,
I got mine from The Stamp Man no affiliation, but I had exceptional service from Jill at the Stampman, I thought she deserved a mention :)
I can't wait to play some more, but I will have to wait until Friday


Purple Missus said...

You have just cost me even more money - I shall never be able to leave work at this rate! I have been to The Stamp Mans website and placed an order for these gorgeous starburst stains - I just hope I can achieve the same effect that you have here. It is wonderful. Is it OK to zap the Lutradur after painting the stains on or does it affect the colour (or give off fumes)? Mind you, not sure that I would want to zap it and lose any of that amazing surface colour anyway.

marion said...

thank you for telling me where to go to get these lovely things...nice work, by the way!!

MargaretR said...

These are wonderful Carol.

Dianne said...

Hey Carol
I have to apoligize for not being here to visit you, its been a while. The sketch books are beautiful, these paper look like stone and tile from italy beautiul stuff. Your canvas is stunning love the background and the copper.
Your form is brilliant love all the texture...

Waltraud said...

Wonmderful results!