Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More Postcards

I have finished some more cards, I thought I would put a brief description, as much as I remember, who knew I had so much velvet:)
The four below from the top
1:Dark green velvet covered with fantasy film, stitched and heated with a heat gun.
2:Dark green velvet with dyed scrim and stitched
3:Dark green velvet stitched and rubbed with Goldfinger
4:Dark green velvet stencilled leaf with Goldfinger beads and hand stitch

The six below from the top,
1:layered and pintucked felt, couched with cord and stitched.
2:taken from a garden photo-collage printed off onto fabric padded and stitched.
3:Layered calico, brown paper rubbed with Markal, Fleur-de-Lys cut outs in gold lame covered with chiffon and stitched

Below this six are from the top.
1:Bonded plastic bags,
2:acrylic felt inlay applique
3:garden and pin tucked fabric


sue b said...

Wow you are on fire with making these postcards! They're all great but I really like that dark green velvet one in the first batch.

StegArt said...

They are all wonderful! Looks like you've been having lots of fun.

Leanne Hurren said...

These are great Carol - I especially like the felt ones. Did you use an embellisher to make them?

Helen in the UK said...

My you have been busy! Love them - particulary the one with scrim and the pintucked felt. Do you mailorder your scrim? Great work ;)

Carol said...

Lovely work Carol, you have been soo busy. I love the velvet ones best.

Dianne said...

OOhh, I like the pintucked felt ones best - beautiful colours!! You have been busy - well done!!

Purple Missus said...

They're all great Carol but the bonded plastic bag ones jump off the page at me. Can you remember how you did those?

Joanna van said...

These are great Carol...I love all the experimenting you are doing!


Tonniece said...

I love the velvet ones best too. Glad to see you are so busy provideing us all with this eye candy.