Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I just made another postcard, this was not from old samples, but some of the painted papers I did a few months back, I scanned it so it is not showing the colours or the stitch very well.
I received my Jean Littlejohn DVD today, only ordered it yesterday,from Double Trouble so brilliant service, once again the cleaning went by the board :) wonderful watching the work being done on this DVD, Jan Beaneys is just as good, but I am a big fan of both their work.


Sue B said...

cool card Carol. I've been wanting to order their new DVD's but I've been waiting for someone to review them first. So they are really worth having?

Vicki said...

Very cool postcard! What are the DVDs about? I have not heard of either but am always interested in new things!

Carol said...

Hi Vicky, I am having to answer you here as there is no link to an e-mail for you,
The DVD's are maker profiles, so not so much a how to, they look at the process of how the artist works,
what is the inspiration how they build up their sketch books and the process of a piece of work, I loved them, but I do like both artists work

StegArt said...

Thanks Carol, for your info about the DVD.

Dianne said...

Great postcard Carol! I was wondering about the DVD's too, so thanks for the info.