Monday, November 13, 2006

Bah Humbug

One of the projects I was preparing was a length of velvet to make a bag, I wanted to couch the Sari yarn I bought a couple of weeks ago, firstly it was horrible to try and wind into a ball, it kept twisting up on itself, now I am no yarn expert, but even I know, 'that ain't right'
started couching the yarn on the machine with a zig-zag, and did not like the effect,
I also quickly realised that the repetitive stitching over the area big enough to make the bag, could possibly make my brain explode with boredom.
I have decided to use the yarn to weave around a board, there was a small neck purse done this way in an early Belle Armoire, I made a couple at the time, and its a very effective way of creating the bag in one piece. Also nice and mindless to do of an evening, i have warped it up and started with a few rows, the yarn has shredded once already, not very impressed, but luckily it wont hurt the weave, I shall mix up some strips of fabric in with the yarn, will post a pic of the weaving tomorrow, when I get a few more rows on the board.


sue b said...

ahh pin weaving! I hate pin weaving! I admire your fortitude to stick with it to make a bag. That sari yarn can be a bear to work with can't it but it makes a beatiful fabric. I'll bet this bag is going to be wonderful!

Anna Nowicki said...

The sari yarn does 'spin' when you either unwind a skein or wind one up because the Indian or Nepalese spinning method to create the yarn is increadibly tight to start with. There is no simple solution!! except to turn the skein as you unwind! Look forward to seeing the finished result - I love sari yarn and have loads. I do couch it down occaionally! Anna

Jeri said...

I like that! I bet it will be a great bag.

nadine said...

was given the Sari yarn as a gift. couldn't stand the feel of it after having tried to knit with it. Your photos give me a good idea of something to do with it. In the meantime:
i think i might use it to string Christmas cards up! it will look lovely and festive, i think, instead of jagged and ruffled up.

feltedfibers said...

I wonder if the sari yarn would behave itself if you wound it into a skein and soaked in warm water? from what I am learning with spinning this should loosen the tight spinning enough to couch or knit with - not sure but might be worth trying a couple of meters?