Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This is the board ready for my Sari yarn bag, I have warped it up, and started a few rows, this is not a duplicate picture it just shows both sides of the board, you go round and round instead of backward and forwards.
I am going to check out my back issues of Belle Armoire so I can give credit to the artist.
It is the Winter 2002 issue and the artist is Karen Page, they were made as amulet bags, I have made a few and also scaled them up and used torn strips of fabric to great effect.


StegArt said...

Looks very interested. Can't wait to see further progress.

Tonniece said...

Oh Carol I am soooo behind in my blogging, and look at all this I've missed. You have been very busy as usual I see.
I love the stripes you did in earlier post, great colors, and can't wait to see futher progress also.

Have a great day

sue b said...

Carol you have the patience of a saint to weave that by hand that way!

Purple Missus said...

Carol, you are using this yarn to great effect, looking forward to seeing the finished item.
Do you find you have to wash it first, or am I buying mine from the wrong supplier?
Please can you tell me what are you using as a warp thread?

feltedfibers said...

This is looking good, although I have a small loom using a board seems to be much easier somehow! look forward to watching it grow.

Dianne said...

Hey Carol
Maybe even I could do this, I love the idea and it seems simple enough for even me to get it.. I'll try this uumm in the future, soon..