Sunday, July 02, 2006

A little Play

As I had all my paints out and the table set up I thought I would do a bit more with the screens, looked in the cupboard and some scraps of fabric that had been coloured with Tea and another with Potassium Permanganate, try saying that with your teeth out.
Used some Olive metallic and Olive fabric paint then some Copper metallic, at one stage I put the screen upside down, DUH!!! and the paint went onto the fabric, but I liked the effect so decided to add some more, had a small cellophane bag nearby so painted roughly on that and did a crude version of mono printing. One of the scraps is the front of an old cotton shirt, I quite like the idea of incorporating the buttonholes in something, may add some more effects to the fabric first.

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feltedfibers said...

Trust me not to read through your blog properly, glad to see you carried on. Do you know I never used my P.Permanganate!! its still in the cupboard after all these years!!!