Sunday, July 02, 2006

Second Round RR

I looked at Carol C's fabric for a while wondering what to do, it is quite terrifying, the thought of working on someone else's fabric, I had thought of using a fern stamp as Carol said the colours were inspired by the view from her window. in the end I decided to try out my new thermofax screens, had them a few months and kept putting off trying them out, so I finally jumped in.
I have a case of Jacquard paints, the Sherrill Khan set, another thing I have had too long and been much too precious with, some of the paints had hardened.
Had a little try of small dabs of paint on the sample fabric, to see which colours I liked and settled on a Pearl Blue Lumiere and Turquoise Neopaque fabric paints.
I used part of one screen and put butterfly's scattered around, the sample ones came out great but some on the main fabric did not register the total image, more my fault than the screen, I then scattered a few dragonfly images, I had to force myself to stop as by this time I was really enjoying myself. hubby is not here to take a pic, but I have scanned a small section, to give an idea of what it is like.


Carol said...

I love it Carol. It seems we both experienced the same feelings about working on someone else's piece of fabric. Perhaps if we do this RR again we will ease up a little and perhaps experiment a little more. It certainly has encouraged me to experiment this last little while - on my own fabric!

I am looking forward to seeing my final piece once everyone has added to it.

Carol in Scotland

feltedfibers said...

Hi Carol, nice to see you have taken the plunge with your paints and screens, it looks great and yes I guess it was hard to stop so get some of your fabric out and keep going - you know you want to