Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I still have not cut out my jacket, but by way of displacement activity, when I was sorting out my folders I found an unfinished sample from C&G days, we had to do a lot of traditional samples, and also do the same technique with a contemporary twist, I had only just discovered the delights of computers at the time, and decided to print out this black and white photograph of my youngest son on to acetate, I did not know at the time you could print or transfer direct onto fabric. I placed it over Aida fabric, and had the bright idea of doing my Blackwork sample, it was a nightmare and you will see from the picture how much I actually did, 'not a lot'
I have a box of unfinished samples, and I am finally going to decide do I finish or dump, this one I would like to finish.


Gill said...

Wow, what a powerful image! But I too would be sadly lacking on the blackwork front.

Zaz said...

Thats great Carol! You must finish it ! Curtis McFee ..........sounds like a pop star!

love Sara

smarcoux said...

Hi Carol
thought you might be interestd in this, lady in lavenham gave me this site and they are looking for artists in the area
( i should get a commission for this LOL)