Saturday, April 01, 2006

I have not done any stitching for the last week or so due to us deciding to decorate and put down new flooring in our workroom, what a nightmare emptying everything out of the room, hubby and I share the workroom, and after having a fairly large room each, trying to fit both of us in one room is difficult, to say the least.
We live in a flat so every room was taken over with "Our Stuff " the walls were painted white and laminate floor put down, I won't bore you with the floor saga, but it took a lot longer than we thought, but today we finally put all the furniture back in the room.
I treated myself to some cheap colourful boxes and magazine folders, sorted all my mags into their new home and the so and so's were too tall to fit into the shelf, s had to trim the tops down.
The books I use most are all in place and another cupboard full are in the hall, and 4 bags ready to go to my DIL when we go to visit.
I have taken some pictures before all my bits and pieces go in, as it will never ever be this tidy again, and if this last week is anything to go by, it will never ever be decorated again.

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MargaretR said...

Hi Carol. How long is that room going to be that tidy I wonder?
I love your colourful boxes. Let's see it next week when it looks lived in, will you?