Saturday, March 18, 2006

Cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted, I always have trouble starting a new project, when I finish something.
I tried to start machine stitching around my Mexican design on tissue paper, only managed a little bit and gave up, it is still sitting on the machine waiting.
Instead I caught up with sorting out my folders, all the rubbish that I pull out of magazines and most likely never look at again, was duly filed in the right places.
I think I want to try out a Vogue pattern I bought recently it is a Marcy Tilton jacket, I have a huge piece of brown fleece type fabric I bought very cheaply ages ago, so I don't mind playing around with this to see if the jacket fits.
Will cut it out tomorrow, and if I can get back up off my knees will try and get something done.


MargaretR said...

Hi Carol. I think you are probably feeling better after sorting out the card business with your group. It must be a very exhausting job for you teaching a group like that.
I look forward to seeing the jacket.

Sue said...

Is it Vogue 7473? I've got that one to make in fleece, have got mottled blue fleece to make it in.
Great B&W design - go for it, Carol!