Friday, January 20, 2012

Lovely day

Its good to be back, a fluey type bug that lasted for around 5 weeks before Christmas left me with a bout of Vertigo, so instead of heading for the workroom after the holidays with all the ideas buzzing around in my head I was doing lots of sitting down instead, the tablets have worked and I am back to normal !!!

Thankfully I was well enough to attend the Embroiderers Guild members day yesterday, as well as our monthly evening meeting where we have a speaker we also have a members day one day a month and one member shows a technique that the rest of the group can join in with or you can take your own project and have a lovely natter.

I was the volunteer demonstrator yesterday and I chose to show some simple folding booklets and a gift pouch.To keep the requirements list simple we used 12" x 12" scrapbook papers, but you could go to town with hand painted papers, magazine pages, Tyvek or Lutradur 70 which folds well.
The first booklet was the Tim Holtz style ATC holder, for the little one at the front each page is made from an A4 sheet of paper,perfect size for an ATC,
the two behind show the same pages made up with an A3 paper

The next one is a folding booklet where you can just pop a photograph or small stitched sample into the corners adding as many pages as you want and fold up accordion style.

We also made a small accordion booklet with a pocket and a small gift pouch.
I hope the ladies enjoyed it because I had a great time, lots of laughter and a very productive day.

To make the day even better, when I arrived home my new toy had arrived which was amazing as I had only ordered it the day before at 9am, and due to an error on my part the address was incomplete as I was out I didn't get the message to phone the company until 3pm, and they still managed to get it to me the next day with regular updates letting me know the progress of the order, the tracking number and free P&P, so a huge thank you to CardCraft-UK
I will certainly use this company again

I have lots of ideas for using this machine, I plan on trying out lotsd of different materials, I know it will cut Grungeboard, thick card and thin felt I will keep you up to date on my progress learning to use it :)
With this and my new printer and all the ideas flooding in the last few months I have plenty to keep me busy.


dianehobbit said...

Great books and service on your new toy.

Karen said...

Glad your feeling much better and i love those little books, your work is beautiful and i really enjoy reading through your blog
cheers karen xo

Sesenarts said...

Love your little books! Julie

Heather said...

Your new toy looks very clever! I think I'd be nervous of it. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
I love those books in the demo and workshop you did - I can never get mine to look as neat and professional as yours.

Debi_Omnistitch said...

I cut almost exclusively with fabric on mine. I use silk, quilting weight cottons, and similar wovens. I only use freezer paper adhered to one side and sometimes use a product like a Heat-n-bond lite so i can still stitch it. I only use a 4 pressure.
good luck,