Saturday, January 28, 2012

Looking back

I realised this week that I am nearing my 6 year blogiversary, when I went to check what date my first post was I ended up spending a couple of hours reading through old posts, what wonderful memories it brought back, and it also made me sad how my blogging has changed over the years, I no longer visit favourite blogs and comment instead I rush through Google Reader updates trying to catch up with way too many blogs, but as soon as I cull some of the old ones I soon fill up my list again with new interesting blogs that catch my eye.

I have also been very bad at blogging the last year, but it was so wonderful to read through past blogs I want to get back to regular blogging, and hopefully this blog will also shame me into getting through a large pile of fabrics I recently discovered, just as my first blog helped me get back to my textiles after a long period of not doing anything after some health issues.

One of my blogs back in the first year was talking about cutting out a jacket from a Marcy Tilton pattern.

Just before Christmas while looking for my festive table runner in my deep airing cupboard, I pulled out all the usual bedding from the front and found all of these goodies behind.

The above mentioned jacket :(

3 metres of Batik fabric, bought last June, 3 metre lengths of various cottons ready for the dye pot, habotai silk, slub silk and a batch of silk scarves ?

What was a peach silk single bedspread bought many many moons ago from a charity shop for 10p dyed purple suppose to be made into a robe and still waiting, a sari a gift from a friend I was going to make a tunic, a large sarong destined to be a top and a piece of chenille

Next a huge bundle of table linens, both inherited and charity shop finds, I have since found another bundle. Not many of them are in great condition and I wanted to use them to make a long kimono type robe using the best bits of embroidery patched together.

This was started when I was doing my surface design C&G back in 04/05 unfortunately it didn't run after we finished our first year.
I can't remember what I planned for this, I do know it was inspired by a wonderful postcard of contemporary Inuit art. I think I need to hunt for the postcard and see if I get inspired once again.


Heather said...

What a treasure trove! I'm sure there is nothing as interesting in the back of my airing cupboard. You wont be stuck for inspiration with that lot, even if you can't remember what you were going to use it for in the first place. We'll know what you are busy with if you don't appear on Blogger!

gill said...

What a great 'find'!!
I'm off to look in the back of my airing cupboard!!

postcard printing said...

What a treasure trove! You wont be stuck for inspiration with that lot. What a great find.