Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We have uploaded ‘Lutradur and Lace’ on the Fibre in-Form website as a freebie workshop. This has been adapted from the article which appeared in the first edition of the online magazine Fibre and Stitch in August 2007 and was a huge success. Take a look HERE.

Last Thursday I went to NW Embroiderers Guild Members day, it was very enjoyable, Sue Gilchrist was showing everyone how to apply metal shim to card and colour with Alcohol Inks, then cutting it into shapes with a Sizzix machine and embossing the finished shapes, these were then made into brooches with the addition of wire and beads, there was some lovely work at the end of the day, as I was late arriving I didn't get to do much, but I have been dithering whether to get a die cutting machine for some time and I think the little play I had convinced me I may need one :)
Above are some of the pieces made on the day, click on the picture for a closer look

I took this fabric along with me, I wanted something I can stitch mindlessly in the evenings or when I go to members day, its going to be stitched all over then textured and painted, Its a good way to use up all those horrible colours of thread I have and never use.

The picture below shows what the finished surface will look like, to see how this was made check out this blog post HERE


Heather said...

Your lutrador and lace bag is gorgeous and I love those die cut shape pieces. Adding texture paste to a stitched surface and then painting it, changes it's character completely and probably makes the surface stronger - a great technique.

Robin Mac said...

Carol, you are so generous. I have downloaded the instructions for the lutradur and lace bag, I am itching to have a go right now, bout other stuff has to be done first...grrr....I love the textured paste technique as well. Cheers,Robin

MargaretR said...

I was so annoyed to have missed that members day as I had looked forward to it so much after seeing Sue's brooches.

jackie said...

Pleased you liked the machining tip. The Embroiderer's Day sounds to have been fun.


Thanks for the free workshop Carol. I'm just going to check it out


Clare Wassermann said...

I have really enjoyed looking at your blog today - thanks!

shem said...

great blog.