Friday, November 28, 2008

For Debbi

When I put my postcard on Calendar Girls
Debbi commented that it would be good if I made another postcard and zapped it to see what it would look like, I thought I would try it out, Its not a postcard but a piece of the same base fabric and foiled organza, I did a quick scribble on the machine and then got the heat gun out.
The organza was lighter grey than the first piece, but as it was ready to go I used it.

After the heat gun, the foiled area creates more of a resist to the heat

Close up on narrow grid side

Close up on random circle side


Doreen G said...

Looks pretty good to me Carol --Joanna will be able to zap the PC herself now with confidence.

hippopip said...

It looks even better zapped,I always find it a bit terrifying when I first start zapping,theni get carried away and over do it but yours looks great

Heather said...

Zapping is a bit scary but yours paid off - I like the webby bits on the third photo.

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Carol, Have to say thank you for a very inspirational and well written article in the November fibre&stitch zine. Lovely samples too. Really nice work.

sharon young said...

The zapping's worked a treat, Carol,the two colours work so well together.
Many thanks for you comment on my blog post.

fontainefleurie said...

Hello Carol, I love the textures and art you make with all this fabrics - I will follow the experiments and gonna think about the online course. greetings Dorie (don't forgot the link my other blog fiberfusing..)