Monday, December 08, 2008

November Card for Debbi

After catching up with my October card I came down with the bug that seems to be getting everyone at the moment but I needed to make Debbi's card for November, I wanted to use a background fabric I had made a while ago but then I was stumped what to do next as the picture wasn't giving me much inspiration , but then I found a little tulip stencil and decided to apply molding paste through the stencil, once dry I stitched into it with metallic thread but wasn't very happy with it, so I added gilding cream over the stitching.

While I was working on something else I had some paint and polyfilla mix spare so painted a piece of pelmet vilene and started to splatter inks, moonglow spray, and powders over the surface I really liked what was happening and thought it may make a nice postcard.
I pulled out some double sided metal letters I have had tucked away for ages and started pushing them into the wet paint being careful to make sure I had the upper and lower case the right way up.
I really loved the finished effect and then today I scanned it, and the first thing that jumped out at me was the i and the e are the wrong way round aaaghh
Why do I never spot these things while the paint is still wet and I could do something about it.
I just shouldn't try and be creative when I have the lurgy, I thought I would show it you anyway as I love the background.

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Heather said...

This is a lovely design and any friend would forgive you for getting the i and e the wrong way round. It's nice to know that these things happen to others sometimes!!