Friday, March 28, 2008

Tea anyone

Last week I found some empty tea bags that I had used many moons ago but there were only 4 left and I wanted to make something with them, as I only drink coffee and I keep a small box of tea for visitors, but the bags are Pyramid shaped, so I bought the cheapest tea I could find and yes the bags are square, but the tea bag paper is not as nice as my original ones, and the colour was wishy washy, so I would like some help from you tea drinkers in the UK, which good quality tea bags are square, don't want pyramid, don't want round, don't want them with a tail attached,just square, Thank you muchly in advance.

This work in progress is a kitchen roll mop up cloth, 4 teabags, a square of Fibre in-Form foil attached with Misty Fuse, and is now waiting its next stage.


Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Carol, I've got a stack waiting to be recycled - I drink tea by the gallon so you can certainly have this lot as I don't need any over the next few days - erm I'll empty 'tea oot first then shall I? :D

Jackie Cardy said...

Hi Carol,
I met Margaret Steeden yesterday who told me about your might be a coincidence but I have some teabag paper sheets in my Etsy shop!
(Jackie Cardy)

sharon young said...

Hi Carol
You seem to be well supplied with tea ideas, but I drink Twinings Aromatic Earl Grey and they come in squares. I don't know about the quality as I've never done this technique but I suspect it would be good as it's quite an expensive tea.
I like your WIP so far , great combo of colours there.

Jackie said...

Well certainly pays to advertise! Thank you and I hope to see the results in this blog very soon!

Purple Missus said...

This is a wonderful piece. A great idea and a good use of teabags (and foil). Hope to see more of this work.