Sunday, February 03, 2008

old samples

I bought some canvases in a sale at The Works, a cheap and cheerful local art/book shop. A set of three, black, brown and caramel, these have been moved around from shelf to floor and back again in my workroom for around a year, at the same time two old City and Guilds samples that had been ripped off the mountboard they has been displayed on, were also doing a dance around the room, and then a couple of weeks ago I stacked the samples on the canvas to move them out of the way and liked what I saw.

The sample above is acrylic felt, silk dyed with Potassium Permanganate, paper pulp cast over a hair ornament and some free machine stitch. nothing exciting but I always liked this sample and now it has a home on the canvas

The next one was a sample of tied quilting, again nothing earth shattering but it includes one of my first experiments at dying my own fabric.
I think I like both of these because they were early C & G samples when I was just beginning to 'Get It' so for me they have sentimental value, most samples have been thrown or in the last year revamped into postcards.
My problem now is where do I put all these canvases that I have been making recently.


Frances said...

I know what you mean Carol, I have some from the 80's 'floating' around, I am still inspired by some as they are still jumping off points but in a different direction each time, can you display them in your workroom? I love the colours in the tied piece, best thoughts Frances

Purple Missus said...

You see, there is nothing new is there? How old are these, 6, 7 years or more?
The colours of the canvas are refelected in both pieces - nice touch.
Don't know what to do with them - how about Etsy?

kay susan said...

I just heard that The Works has gone into liquidation - so I'm off down there tomorrow to see if they have any canvases left!!!

I will be so disappointed if they close - I love those shops!

sharon young said...

These samples really do work well on the canvases, what a clever idea!
I've got a couple of smocking samples that I've always liked , maybe it would work for them too.
Thanks for the tip.

Pat said...

Don't you just love it when things come together, the canvasses could have been made specially.

Carol said...

Afew comments come through with noreply so I thought I would answer here.
Kay Susan, I shall really miss The Works as its only around the corner from where I work on a Tuesday and the first place I head for at lunchtime.

Lynda, these pieces are at least 10 years old.

Sharon, have a go you never know when the magic will happen.

Pat, it was a lovely 'ta-da' moment

Helen Suzanne said...

lovely pieces carol, the spiral one is right up my street but i love the pink tied piece too.