Monday, February 04, 2008

All in a row

My DH very kindly put some nails in the wall for me to hang the canvases, save me tripping over them, I am running out of wall as I have a few more to go somewhere
his side of the room has lots of space :)


Purple Missus said...

You need to keep moving things over slowly so that he doesn't notice :)
Where did the little canvas come from, haven't seen that one before? And what about the box next to the lamp - is that one of yours?
How about showing these to us?
I am amazed that your boxes are labelled and tidy (I did a close up so I could have a nosey) you just don't strike me as that sort - tidy I mean, not nosey *LOL*

feltedfibers said...

Oooh Lynda how could you? our Carol is a very neat and tidy person. I am very envious of her work space, she knows where everything is until she wants to use it ;-)
Carol - Love the samples, its given them a new life, also brings back happy memories

Cestandrea said...

Oh and it's dangerous to invade his space, no? :)
I like this shelf, and the pictures under it. I have placed a shelf like that overy my working table too!