Sunday, January 06, 2008


A higgledy-piggledy post.
I start one project and find myself being distracted by the thought 'what if'.
Thursday afternoon I wanted some painted papers for making beads, I painted up various colours and on the deep red I added some Misty Fuse and then a layer of Fibre in-Form copper foil
I really like the lacy effect this gives.It is really difficult to get a picture with out the foil reflecting in the flash.

After making several pieces of this,I got to thinking about how when I first made paper beads we all made them out of glossy magazine pages, I still find myself ripping out suitably colourful adds even now.
I wondered if the Misty Fuse and Fibre in-Form Foil would stick to this, and it does, below is an advert for tinned tomato, I liked the way the red splashed across the page,

While I was painting these papers, every time I had paint left on the brush I was painting whatever was to hand, this little 5" canvas was already primed with a burnt umber colour and I kept painting the magenta that was left on the brush, I then added some copper to one edge, and stamped along the edge while the paint was still wet, it is a very subtle design and could only just be seen, and so I rubbed silver drawing ink over it and then rubbed it back. I then put copper tape along the join, the edge is very subtle but does show up much more in real life, unfortunately I am no David Bailey

One other thing I tried was using up the paint on my brush on some kitchen foil after reading about Lynda's wonderful experiments. I didn't add anything to the paint, and so far it seems stuck fast, I also put some on another piece of foil and covered the wet paint with tissue paper and then brushed the surface with watered down pva, this gives a really interesting effect.

the tissue paper one above is interesting as you don't know its kitchen foil but there is a glow that comes through the surface, this half had gold drawing ink over the top

and the edge on the one above is just foil, paint, tissue and pva over the tissue, below is the kitchen foil with the paints just brushed on.


Pat said...

The last picture is just stunning in close up, I really must give these techniques a go!!

Carol said...

Oh these are lovely, well done Carol, I really like the magazine piece and the last close up is yummy! Such lovely colours.

Purple Missus said...

ooh, where do I start, where do I start? The one I keep going back to is the tomato advert - that looks amazing and the whole idea opens up lots of possibilities. The colours on the canvas are gorgeous - I must get in the habit of using up the leftovers instead of washing them away :)
Glad the tin foil works without the expensive additive - I haven't got around to trying it yet, but I will. Did you try the webbing on the foil? Just wondering about foiling on the foil.............

sharon young said...

What a great set of experiments, Carol, I love the colours on the last one and the tomato ad opens up all sorts of possibilities.
Thanks for sharing these techniques.

Doreen G said...

Wow Carol you sure have been busy-and I must start using the left overs in a more productive way.

Homeleightigger said...

Hi Carol - very interesting post I must say, particularly incorporating the paper advert. Really amazing your 'what if' experiments! Val

MargaretR said...

I love them all but my fave is the bottom one too.