Monday, January 07, 2008

For Lynda

Yesterday in my comments Lynda asked if I had tried foiling on kitchen foil, I hadn't but it had crossed my mind, and so last night I did some quick experiments especially for Lynda, as I know she is back at work and can't play today :)
The picture below is just simple kitchen foil, a layer of Misty Fuse and then a layer of Fibre in-Form copper foil

This is a close up of the same piece

The picture below is the kitchen foil this has been painted with just one colour, well it was late when I did it, and the paint was to hand, half of the kitchen foil was scrunched and the other half left smooth, the paint puddles quite nicely on the smooth side

below is a close up of the crumpled half, I don't know why its come out a different colour the one above is the true colour.

Below a close up of the smooth half,

I backed all the kitchen foil samples with iron on, medium weight interfacing, I have a sample somewhere that has lasted 10 years with the interfacing as a backing and a sheer crystal organza over the top of the kitchen foil, This was very easy to stitch on.
I decided to do a few more magazine pages the same as yesterdays, but on the pink I used silver Fibre in-Form foil,
It was hard to get a picture of the silver, and the weather is so dismal here today, its very dark.
It will be Wednesday before I can play some more with these samples, shame I have to go to work tomorrow.


Carol said...

These are stunning Carol. Great you can misty fuse over the top and foil.

feltedfibers said...

by eck you have had a good time, love the effects you are getting especially the scrunched k.foil

Micki said...

These are great, Carol. Between Lynda and you, we are really getting some great info. Thank you both for sharing.

Doreen G said...

Absolutely stunning Carol it is amazing how things work out when you push the boundaries a bit further.

Purple Missus said...

There, I leave you alone for the day and this is what happens *LOL*
These have turned out really, really well, far better than I hoped they would. I am impressed. Can't wait to have a go myself. Still think those foiled mag pages are wonderful - so many possibilities there. Keep going lady - you're on a roll :))

Homeleightigger said...

Those magazine pages are just wonderful Carol. Val