Monday, January 14, 2008

Fleeting Moments

I have a canvas on my painting table waiting for its next stage, I had used pollyfilla to coat the surface but as it was a ready mixed batch it had gone lumpy, I over painted the surface with Burnt Umber but knew it needed something else, so this morning while working on something else I picked up some painted tissue paper and started gluing it to the canvas, the first tissue was painted a mustard colour and once I finished there was some white tissue showing, so I sprayed it with purple Adirondack colour wash spray. it instantly had an amazing reaction, so I ran for the camera as I knew once it started to dry the colours would be nothing like they were in this moment,
later on in the day I decided to do the second half and put magenta painted tissue and turquoise colour wash spray, this had the same reaction and the results are below,
Unfortunately it is drying to a dull dark tone


Waltraud said...

Gret results!

Carol said...

carol this is just stunning, especially the top one. What is making the ridges? looks like nails embeded, just stunning.

Sue B said...

phenomenal texture in this Carol.

Purple Missus said...

The colours on these pieces are both fantastic. I'm sure they still look stunning even after they have dried off. Could you not use an acrylic gloss varnish or wax or some such to bring the shine back?
Are they sticks poking out the top?
Will they be foiled next or are you finished?
(Fibre in-Form foiled of course *LOL*)

Debbi Baker said...

Everything on your blog fascinates me! What a wonderful collection of photos - colour, texture, the whole shebang!

Alis said...

Oh those are gorgeous!
I would love to see them when they are dry too. Bet they still look good.

Kim said...

Wonderful colors, Carol, too bad if they didn't stay. Could you show us the final color, dull though it may be?

Jill Smith said...

Carol, last year l cut out a stencil and put pollyfilla in the holes then coverd it when dry with acrylic paint and it looked like cracked pieces of china cups was glossy so did some more then grouped them closer and polyfilled the gaps so it was one piece and it looked great. Haven't got a picture as digital camera had broken and was saving for another,