Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back to a dull world

For those of you who loved the glorious colours of yesterday, this is how it dried, it was indeed a fleeting moment, some nice subtle tones are showing through in the light of day.

This is the full picture its two canvases stitched together with string, I have added a touch of green but its not the lovely deep green shown on the tube but a horrible bright green so I slapped on some watered down magenta acrylic that was on the desk.

another picture for my textures folder


Alis said...

Well I rather like them. They remind me of a deep mysterious forest ;0)

Purple Missus said...

Now I see what the textured bits are. This looks amazing. And that close up is wonderful.

Carol said...

Oh a shame but they are rich and glossy and interesting in their own way now. Lucky you photographed it!

sharon young said...

I rather like the dried version, Carol, after looking back on the last post, it was gorgeous , but tiring over the long term!!!
I love the way you've joined the 2 canvases together, it's a great effect.

Jacquelines blog said...

Wow, you really have been busy Carol. I love the shiney one, but this is also beautiful.

Pat said...

It is annoying when you lose an effect but I like the dark depths of these, I also like the way you have joined them,is it cord?