Friday, November 09, 2007

Twinkle Twinkle

I thought I would have a change from the hearts, here is the gold foil with red ink made in the same way as the heart fabric you can find how to make it here


Susan D said...

Love your star Carol, I can see us all having handmade Christmas decorations this year can't you.

Carol said...

This is stunning, really special. How dod you score the fold in each point Carol?

Sequana said...

ok, this does it. I'm gonna get out my foil and DO this! I don't know why I've been holding back.

This is so beautiful.

Purple Missus said...

Wonderful. Its just as gorgeous as the heart. I like the folds in the star - much better than just a flat one, and its the foil that really finishes it off.
I'm with CarolT - how do you do those folds?

Carol said...

Thank you Sequana,
Go for it have a play and enjoy,
due to popular demand, well ok Lynda and Carol, I shall do a little tute on the star later today

MEL said...

Hello Carol, I cannot find the tutorial for the star on your website. Am I looking in the wrong place? This star is really good.