Friday, November 09, 2007


Carol T asked about using pelmet vilene and bondaweb instead of fusible pelmet vilene, I decided to do some samples and share them here.
This pelmet vilene or craft vilene is quite stiff,as opposed to my fusible vilene, which is slightly thinner and not as stiff.
from left to right

sample 1: pelmet vilene and bondaweb with new foil, quite a heavy cover, but if you painted your pv before adding the foil it could be quite an interesting base for further stitch,

sample 2: pelmet vilene and bondaweb with used foil,still quite heavy cover, the bondaweb takes every scrap of the foil from its backing.

sample 3: This is iron on medium weight fusible interfacing, the glue is placed in a dotted grid, the effect of this is almost an interference effect, you can see the sheen when it is moved in the light. next to it is the used foil, very dotty,
I think I will add some ink to this to see the effect.

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Carol said...

This is an amazing set of experiments, and so varied! Mega. I love the happy accident that the interfacing has given, a positive and negative. Could be interesting in a design??? Thanks for doing this Carol, your a treasure!