Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More Foil Play

Last week I was trying out surfaces with the foil that can be easily repeated, using the foil with fusible pelmet vilene, inks and cold water dyes,
Today inspired by Lynda's play, I decided to use whatever was in my stash.
I also thought I would try out a different surface, and use up the foil already used on the pelmet vilene (waste foil)

Above: waste foil in copper and silver, black Lutradur, bondaweb.

The foiled piece above has been turned over and zapped with a heat gun from the back.,
below is a close up of the same piece.

The two pictures below show white Lutradur, bondaweb with silver waste foil, and Lumiere metallic olive green paint.
difficult to see the subtle colours on this one.

This next one is white Lutradur, bondaweb, gold waste foil and Moonshadow Mist Treasure Island Aqua, this didn't look so exciting when it dried so I have zapped it with some darker colours, but as its still wet.I will show you tomorrow

Below fusible vilene, turquoise foil, metallic copper Luna Lights, this doesn't show the lovely sheen on the copper paint.

This fusible pelmet vilene was covered in silver and turquoise foil and cold water dyes in chocolate, rust and gold were painted on. This wasn't as nice once it dried, it may get another coat of something?

This next one is fusible pelmet vilene, gold foil and Adirondack Colourwash Spray in Eggplant
This is delicious so far, what will it dry like?

Below is a piece of white plastic that the Lumiere was drying on, it looked too nice to discard, so I ironed the plastic to fusible vilene.

The next one was the white plastic fused to the vilene turned over and painted with silk paint

And that's the lot for today.


Jacquelines blog said...

Oh Carol, these are as lovely as the pieces on Lynda's blog. You both are a great match and stimulus to one another!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Like I comment yesterday on Lynda's blog, the two of you are making this very difficult for me...I have to order MORE and MORE to try everything!

Doreen G said...

Great samples Carol--I love the one with the vilene gold/ foil and adirondack ink

Waltraud said...

Your experiments are so cool!

Helen Suzanne said...

lovely samples Carol. my favourite must be the one with the turqoise foil. It must be hard to photograph the metallic effect.

Micki said...

More wonderful examples. You and Lynda really are giving us so much inspiration. We are lucky to have the both of you sharing so freely with all of us.

Alis said...

You are such an inspiration.
Thank you for sharing all this with us.

ANDREA said...

Carol, thanks for sharing all these experiments, the results are gorgeous! I love the delicate shimmering colours and textures.

Homeleightigger said...

These are all just gorgeous Carol - the mind just boggles trying to keep up with the reading! Thanks for sharing so much (I bet your Torso is getting a bit jealous isn't she!) Val