Friday, June 08, 2007

Samples Revisited,

I have been busy creating samples for my article in www.fibreandstitch while waiting for things to dry, I had a look through my box of old samples, some of you may remember I have been using a lot of them for postcards,
This little collage was for a sample in C&G, where we had to create a fabric from paper, I did the usual paper patchwork and tissue paper samples bonded to vilene interfacing, and then decided to tear up a selection of pictures I had taken of my garden, and this was the result.

I had just discovered the possibilities of using the computer, and printed the picture onto Silk Organza, I had never heard of freezer paper at the time and taped the Organza to some copy paper,then burnt the edges with a joss stick, yes that's how I burnt everything before I discovered fine tipped soldering irons. I mounted it onto two layers of Crystal Organza and some hand made paper

The picture below, was printed onto a sheet of Acetate, the inks were running out and
it printed up in really vivid colours, shame I could not repeat this effect.
These have been going strong for around 10 years and are holding up really well.


StegArt said...

These look fun. I love how the torn edges really help create a mosaic appearance.

Sue B said...

Cool samples Carol. Hey I like the new blog layout!

Micki said...

Love the samples, Carol.

Purple Missus said...

Great samples.Amazing the effects you can achieve using different colourways. Sods Law says you can't replicate the one you like best!

feltedfibers said...

ooooooooooh happy days!!! these bring back lovely memories and how we used to do things and what we used to use, brought a smile to my face!

Dianne said...

These look realy good. Love the one of your garden pictues.

Tonniece said...

The garden piece is great. This sounded like it was fun to do.