Monday, March 19, 2007

Dianne's Page

This is the page I have made for Dianne (Fairy Di) for the Fiberartfriends book page swap.
Dianne's theme is Art Nouveau and I thought this would be one of the easier titles, and had a design in mind as soon as I read it, but when it was time to make the page, I couldn't find my Art Nouveau design that I know I had somewhere safe.
In the end I found a clipart picture of a stylised Art Nouveau Poppy, I used Pink cotton Velvet, layered with 3 layer of Crystal Organza, one a metallic Gray, then Pink then another layer of Grey.The Organza is very difficult to photograph I stitched around the design with metallic thread, and cut away the design to reveal the Velvet.
I was going to burn away the Organza with my soldering iron, but it just fused the organza to the velvet, oops.
This is a lot 'prettier' and more controlled than I usually make, I hope Dianne likes it.


Doreen G said...

This is beautiful Carol

Micki said...

It is lovely. I am sure Dianne will love it.

feltedfibers said...

I am sure Dianne will treasure it, its beautiful!

StegArt said...

It is beautiful. I have to chuckle though because I would do something like what you did, put something somewhere safe and then can't find it.

Emmy said...

so very lovely Dianne wil love it

Dianne said...

Of course I like it - I LOVE it!! Love the image of the poppy, and the colours are beautiful!!