Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The last few weeks I have been gluing the pages of an 14.1/2" x 11.1/2" sketchbook, the paper was not very good, so prompted by the Jean Littlejohn DVD,

I decided to glue 3 together and paint them all white, I covered the outside with tissue paper and painted them, then buttonhole stitched the lot back together again, I got a little carried away and started to glue another couple of books, they are ready for the paint treatment, this gives more tooth for the crayons and oil pastels to adhere to.
Through January I have been involved with swaps and exchanges, and this has stopped me getting into a January funk, while making all these things I have been planning where I want to go next with my textiles, hence the sketchbook, now if I could only find the photographs that I planned to use, I could make a start.


StegArt said...

Hmmm, interesting how you did that buttonhole to put it back together. Looking forward to seeing what comes of these.

Sue B said...

How fun to get a glimpse of where you create! I have got to get myself a copy of those DVDs.

Doreen G said...

I have the Jean Littlejohn DVD and it is fantastic-it made me look around outside when I go for my walks now-and I am building up a good collection of photos to use for inspiration.
I didn't realise what was out there because I wasn't looking.

Dianne said...

These look really interesting!! I might have to invest in that DVD.

Purple Missus said...

Great idea with the books Carol. I like the idea of painting the pages first, makes it easier to start using a brand new book.
Keep peering at the pictures on your mood board. Anything up there you want to share with us? All looks pretty interesting.