Thursday, January 04, 2007

Paper Play

I am involved in trying out a technique each month on a group I belong to, this month its working with paper and fabric, I want to try out some ideas with paper pulp, but while I was waiting for some shredded paper, I thought I would have a play around with some brown paper that I had painted with Black Quink Ink,( not all inks beach out)
The picture below shows the first stage, the scrim is glued to the inked brown paper with watered down PVA, it looks a lot flatter in real life, the camera seems to pick up every ripple, I intend to recolour with the ink and then bleach out some areas for the next stage.

The second paper, I mixed Walnut Crystals with the glue mix and painted this over the scrim and paper, I was hoping the scrim would show brown against the black, but of course because the glue was coloured it dried to a shiny dark black/brown,interesting, not sure what the next stage of this one will be, it could involve painted bondaweb, watch this space.


StegArt said...

Interesting results Carol. I'm sitting on the edge of my chair...watching this space.

Sue B said...

Interesting results Carol, I'm looking forward to seeing your next steps.

Purple Missus said...

Can't wait to see the next stage Carol. You know this is right up my street!
In the smaller pics these pieces look very leathery, its only when you click on them you can see the scrim.
You'll need to post the next stage quickly otherwise I'm going to have to go and try this out for myself!!!

Carol said...

These are amazing, well done, I agree with Lynda, very leathery looking. They look so rich.

Dianne said...

You are on a creative roll- I'm waiting too for the end result!! Such deep colours you have achieved!!