Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I have spent an hour or so machine embroidering on pelmet vilene, and thank you Sally for pointing out it smells like pee, all the times I have used this I never noticed, now I keep sniffing it thinking Oh yeah, it does.
Any way I am working on a small torso, and building up a zig zag base of colour ready to hand stitch into, as the pencil I used to draw out the pattern bled when I put a wash of water-colour onto the vilene, the edges will need a bit of covering, the effect is like the brooches pictured here
Will get resident photographer to take some pics later, I would really like to make a larger version around 2ft tall, but have decided I would grow old doing that much base machining, so will do the larger version with scraps of fabric as the base
I must finish this one first I am slowly clearing my UFO's


feltedfibers said...

longing to see this in action, its incredible how much work goes into this both by machine and hand. A 2ft one would keep you quiet for far too long!!

MargaretR said...

I just love that brooch on the left Carol. 2ft of machine embroidery. What would Jenny do and what would all ADers do?

Carol said...

Now you both know, I could never be quiet that long :)

Helen Suzanne said...

really lovely pieces Carol, how big are they?

marion said...

LOVE the brooches.