Sunday, May 07, 2006

Here is a picture of the bottom half of the torso painted and a layer of stitch started, it is very tempting to start one panel and carry on building it up, but I was worried about running out of thread, so I am doing a little bit on each panel, and at least a new colour can be blended in.

Next stage is the top half with the layers building up quite nicely, These colours are totally different to the colours I usually use, but I had the idea of a sunset in mind when starting this. I am having a real problem using the yellow, I also have the same problem with green, anyone else have trouble working with certain colours?

Helen gave me an interesting idea, in her comment she asked how big the work was below (the brooches) which made me visualise the one on the right as a large wall hanging, Oh too many ideas too little time

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feltedfibers said...

Ooooh Carol these are unusual colours for you!! but wonderful, look forward to seeing the progression of this.
Helen's idea is great, can just see a large wall hanging in your lounge,