Saturday, March 04, 2006

This picture shows the canvas painted with Copper, Magenta and Phthalo Green over the primer, told you it looks horrible at this stage.
I put it up where it would catch the light so I could look at it for a while, I think it needs to be darker.


MargaretR said...

That's going to look lovely Carol. Are you using a similar technique to your Pelmet Vilene ones? I love all those.

Textile Tales said...

Yes, very similar Margaret, lots and lots of layers of colour usually covered with Copper or Silver depending on the look I am after, This is much easier on the hands though, as I used to stitch on top of the painted PV,
This one is a ready made canvas, and machine stitching on a panel of fabric,
I have really enjoyed this process, I feel as if I am back to a technique I really enjoyed almost 10 years ago.