Thursday, March 02, 2006

So far this week I have tried to do something each day, Monday my friend came over and she did some felting while I stitched silk scraps onto a large white canvas, very awkward to do, why do I choose these things.
Tuesday I teach Arts and Crafts to adults with learning difficulties,they have a limited range of abilities so I am kept busy most of the day.
Wednesday's I never get a lot done, as I have achy joints after running round on a Tuesday, but I did manage to get the base coat of paint on to my canvas, I usually use a Burnt Umber as my base coat, but I had bought some cheap Tempera from The Works in Burnt Sienna, so used that, did not think much of it, but have left it to dry.
Today I started to build up some layers of acrylics with Copper, Silver, Magenta and Phthalo Green, looks horrible but it always does at this stage, will try to get a picture of the process as it happens.
I always have the same problem, once the paints come out I just want to continue, but to get the look I want, I need to let it dry in between layers.
so I will have a glass of wine and wait till tomorrow


arashi said...

I enjoyed reading this on several levels, one, it's informative as well as experimentgal, tgwo it's a window into your process. I hope you continue. What kind of wine? I favor Nortern California Coast Pinot Noirs.


Carol said...

Thank you Arashi,
I am finding it very theraputic to keep this record of my process, I have just finished the canvas, and I am itching to get started on my next project, something that has not happened for a long time.
As for the wine a Californian Merlot, goes down very nicely :)