Thursday, February 02, 2006

Making A Start

Ooh What a surprise, I just looked on my blog and I have 3 comments already, how did you find me girls?
It looks like I shall have to get my finger out and start writing my daily doings.
I have made a start on some creative work for the first time this year.
When my eldest son was home at Christmas I asked him to make a sketch, using bleach, on some brown paper I had painted with some Ruby and Charcoal Procion dye that I had left over from a project.
I was expecting a quick abstract sketch or maybe something in a graffiti style, but he drew this amazing Indian face, leaving the edges unfinished as he said I have to finish with stitch and dyes to make it a collaboration,
I will try and load a picture of it at this stage in case it goes horribly wrong.
I have backed it with iron on interfacing but before I start I will have a little play on some spare paper.
He also did a couple of sketches in black ink on tissue paper, designs taken from my Dover CD roms, I have backed one with interfacing the other I am going to stitch onto some tea dyed cotton, found the perfect piece to fit.
I must admit I am worried about starting them, but have been warned not to be precious with them...........Who me?? Just keep things for looking at never.

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MargaretR said...

Told you blogging helps to make you get on with things Carol. I've just looked a little higher up and seen your lovely indian.
I can't wait to see your bleached black tissue.